Our Go-To for Outside Adventure

Our daughter, Lucy’s first word (after “dada” because, of course) was “turtle” and it undoubtedly had a lot to do with the fact that her favorite place on earth at 1.5 yrs old was the South Shore Science Center in Norwell, MA. This has been on our go-to list for nearly 3 years now and here’s why:

  • It’s close to Scituate, but also far enough way that it gives you (as in all you parents out there) a moment to breathe and actually drink that coffee you’ve been thinking about all morning.
  • It’s in the woods, or “jungle” as our kids think, which is always a BIG adventure in their eyes.
  • It’s inexpensive ($5 a person for non-members, free for kids under 1 yr old and South Shore YMCA members – more info here).
  • You can easily spend 2 hours here and the kiddos will not get bored. There’s a very well thought out and engaging area for the kids to the left of the sign-in desk, where you can find the turtles, frogs and interactive experiences for the littles. From there we often head outside to the trails which are lined with nature and camp themed games and obstacles. Oh and before you get to the trails you have to stop and say hello to the chickens! Lastly, the grand finale, is always a stop at the Owl and Hawk homes.
  • It’s a really nice way to spend a morning, or afternoon and with summer right around the corner we will likely be spending A LOT of time here – hope to see you there! **TIP: Enter and immediately head to the left (where the turtles/frogs can be found) or else you’ll find yourself in the gift store which is always a struggle with a 3 yr old!

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