A Morning At The Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary

When the sun is out, so are we and on this particular weekend we found ourselves with two additional kids in our pack so we were excited to head out for an adventure! After purchasing an annual Mass Audubon membership at the North River Wildlife Sanctuary (for $30) we decided to go explore it's sister site in Marshfield, The Daniel Website Wildlife Sanctuary; we were not disappointed.

We set off with our two girls (Lucy and Grace), our two extras (Nolan and Graham) and LOTS of energy. Geo and I were thrilled to pull into the parking lot and see open space, a lot of it. Perfect for two 3 year olds looking to run. We all huddled around the map, chatting about which trail to take - it was quickly determined that getting to the "Secret Trail" was a must and that if we walked along the "Pond Loop" we may cross paths with some zebras, so obviously that's the way we went.

Click map for link.

The trails are beautifully maintained and wide enough for our double stroller to bounce around on (yes they are a bit rocky so prepare for that), and Geo pointed out that it was nice to not be maneuvering around dog poop (dogs aren't allowed at these sanctuaries). The trails go from dirt paths, to grassy lanes to wooden slatted bridges, which the kiddos of course loved. Every 10 to 15 minutes of walking felt like we were entering a completely new environment: wetlands, forests, fields, etc. It kept us all engaged and excited about what was to come next. The Observation Blinds (little shacks overlooking the ponds for bird watching) were a big hit with the little ones and became a point of destination for all of us.

One thing I'd say is the trails are quite long for little legs so come with a stroller, or a mindset ready to conquer the day 🙂 We loved our first experience at The Daniel Websiter Sanctuary and will definitely be going back to explore some of the other trails we didn't have time to explore.

Learn more about Mass Audobon and its sanctuaries here.

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